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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be very important for your business. It can increase your exposure, generate leads and sales and help you establish or maintain relationships with your customers. If you have a page set up on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter or your website is mentioned on these sites, you are likely to get more new visitors and better rankings on search engines.Where to start with social media marketing - WCMS

We understand that many businesses lack the time and staff for social media marketing. In addition, we know it can be challenging for business owners to integrate social media activities into their workweek and other business activities.  That’s where WCMS can help. We’ll help you identify the best social media sites for your business and assist you with developing a posting schedule and a content plan. We can even handle your posts for you.

Here are some of the more popular social media sites:

You’ll also want to add blogging to that list. Blogging can be very important for your business to help with your SEO efforts and improve your rankings, position you as an industry leader, gain more customers and develop better relationships. Read one of our recent blog posts, Blogging Tips & Tricks for more information.

Create high quality content for your visitors, fans, customers and followers

As we outlined in a recent blog post, “So you have a new website, now what?” you will want to step into the shoes of your customers and ask yourself a couple of questions like; “what’s in this for me?” and “how will this product or service help me or enhance my life or business?” to help you identify content topics. Consider the types of questions your customers ask you. What tips, information or solutions can you provide to help them? Answering these questions or considering what your customers have asked of you in the past can be a great first step in deciding the kind of content you need to create.

WCMS Content Calendar-Planner to help increase website traffic

Sample of Content Calendar/Planner

Once you’ve outlined the type of content (created or curated) your customers and website visitors want, sit down and plan out a content calendar. Creating a content calendar may sound like a daunting task; however, you can easily break it down into sections. Here are some ideas:

  • Start with holidays – do you have any promotions, events or special discounts that may be tied to a holiday?
  • Industry shows and conferences – will you be attending any? If you think your customers will find them interesting then add that to the calendar.
  • Do you plan to host any events or training that you can tweet about? Add it to your content calendar.
  • What about providing your readers some tips or “how-to” information?
  • Are some of your products or services more popular during a specific season?
  • Do you have any contests, giveaways or freebies that you can blog about?
  • You can also consider what your best sources of information are and curate that content on your blog or social media sites. Bring information and news to your customers.

Plan your content in a variety of formats like an infographic, e-books, videos and text, then determine the best place to deliver your content… via a blog post, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites you have established for your business.

If you need help getting started on social media marketing or you’re feeling overwhelmed with it all, contact us by submitting the form below.

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