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2021 IFYE Updates

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October 2021 – Sheri Swackhamer, Co-Chair Membership Committee, announces exciting news about the opening of an online IFYE store to help raise money. In addition, President Jan Wood recaps the 2021
National IFYE Conference, Cindy Barnett, Co-Chair Marketing Committee reviews the Annual Giving Campaign launched in August, and much more! Read the October 2021 newsletter.

August 2021 – President Jan Wood reminds us that the 2021 National IFYE Conference is fast approaching but there’s still time to register. Ken Gordon, Executive Director, provides an update on our partner program with United Soybean, and other opportunities. Alan Lambert, National Program Director, lays out the progress going forward for the 2022 outbound program with an update regarding interested participants. And, you’ll get an update on the Annual Giving Campaign! Learn more about what is happening at IFYE!

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