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  • 55 Powerful Words to Increase Opens, Clicks, Calls & Sales

    The article, 55 Words That Convert, posted on DirectMarketingIQ tells us how powerful well-chosen verbs can be in our promotional material. Regardless if you are trying to increase clicks or calls, you may want to test some of these words to increase conversions! Here’s a partial list:


    1. act
    2. add
    3. apply
    4. boost
    5. buy
    6. build
    7. call
    8. choose
    9. claim
    10. click

    Check out the rest of the list by clicking on the article link above. Comment below to let us know if you have successfully tested any words that don’t appear on this list.


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  1. […] A – Attention: Grab the reader’s attention with a catchy and interesting headline. Use powerful words (verbs) like those listed in our recent blog post and DirectMarketingIQ article, 55 Powerful Words to Increase Opens, Clicks, Calls & Sales. […]

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