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  • Branding and Your Business Identity

    How important is Branding and Your Business Identity for your customers?

    A strong visual identity connects you to your customers and helps them to quickly identity you and your business. For a quick overview, take a look at our explainer video to learn more.

    Establishing and creating your brand and business identity involves many things like color scheme, logo, packaging, presentation and more. The most common/basic package for small to mid-size businesses consists of the following:

    • Color scheme
    • A logo complete with tag line or slogan
    • Favicon for your website
    • Letterhead template with logo
    • Outer envelope template with logo
    • Business card(s) formatted in Vistaprint template for quick and easy printing

    Things to consider before creating a Business Identity package:

    • Colors – Choose a color that supports your business and inspires confidence and trust for your customers. Learn more about the meaning of colors.
    • Target Audience – Who is your ideal customer? Create a customer profile.
    • Business name and tagline
    • Write down adjectives that describe your business
    • What sets you apart from your competitors? What is your USP?

    We hope you found our explainer video and information helpful. To learn more,  or to order your Business Identity package, please visit our Business Identity Package service web page. Do you have questions? Feel free to ask by submitting a comment below.

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