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  • Click-to-Call Now Button

    Does your mobile-optimized website have a Click-to-Call Now Button?

    Click To Call Now Button

    On mobile optimized websites, visitors will see the Call Now button at the bottom of their screen.

    To make it easier for mobile visitors or customers to contact you, considering adding a Click-to-Call Now Button on your website. This button will make it easier for your mobile visitors and customers to contact you to ask a question, place an order, schedule an appointment and more!

    If you’re using one of the top content management systems like WordPress for your website, it’s easy to set up a Call Now Button by downloading a plugin. For instance, we’re using the Call Now Button plugin to offer this convenience to our mobile visitors.

    If your website has been developed with custom HTML you can still include a Call Button. Here are a few options we found to download and embed button source code on your website:

    The simple convenience of this Call Now Button may be all that you need to capture more customers!

    Please feel free to ask questions or request additional information in the comment section below. We’d be glad to help you add a Call Now Button to your website… just click to call!

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