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Clone Your Best Customer

Customer clone - Wise Choice Marketing SolutionsAll of us have had that one perfect customer, haven’t we? Wouldn’t it be nice to clone them and have a entire customer base filled with the best? Well, now you can. We can help you select a mailing list of potential customers that match the demographics of your best customer – clone your best customer!

Fill in the form below with the business name, city, state and zip code of your best customer and we’ll find more just like them! We’ll respond by email within 48 hours and let you know how many we found. Best of all, if you decide to purchase the list, you will enjoy a 10% discount!

Please provide an individual name and zip code of your best customer for a count/list of consumers or a business name and zip code for a count/list of businesses and submit the form below. Or, call (937) 419-0075 to speak with us. The customer information you provide (along with the results) will remain confidential.

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