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  • Create a Facebook Business Page For Your Business

    If you’re not using Facebook as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to connect with your current and potential customers. Setting up your own Facebook Business Page is easy and free so it’s definitely time to create a page and start using it to your advantage.

    Create your Facebook Business Page in 7 easy steps

    By following the simple steps below you can have your very own Facebook Business Page set up in a matter of minutes and start expanding your customer base in new and exciting ways.

    Note: For best results you should set up your Facebook page from a laptop or desktop computer.

    Step 1: Login to Facebook using your normal login and password. You do not need to create a new Facebook account, as your business page will be connected to your normal profile.

    Step 2: Click on the “Create Page” link on the left side your page.

    Create Facebook Business PageStep 3: Choose the type of page you want to create. If you are creating a page for your local business, choose “Local Business or Place.” If you want to create a page for yourself as a Public Figure, choose “Artist, Band or Public Figure.” For this tutorial we will use “Local Business or Place.” Each page type will have different options when setting up your page.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    Step 4: Fill out the information on the form and click “Get Started.” Be sure to use the full name of your business and the street address to make it easier to find. When choosing the category, choose the one that best represents your business.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    Step 5: This step is where you’ll enter information about your business to make it easier for people to find it when searching on Facebook. In the example below the business profile is for a Birthday Party Planning service. You’ll be able to edit this area later, so don’t worry too much about what you put here. However, you’ll only get one chance to change the unique Facebook web address for your Facebook page, so the next step is one you’ll want to think about. Make sure you choose a name you like and don’t think you’ll want to change in the near future.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    Step 6: Upload a profile picture for your page. This should be a picture that represents your business. Customers like knowing whom they’re dealing with so a picture of you (business owner) would be great. But if your logo or a photo of your storefront is highly recognizable, either of those will make a great profile picture to start with.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    Step 7: You can also set up who your preferred page audience is before saving your page. For example if you sell purses you may want to choose females. Your page will still be shown to everyone but this is just a way to narrow down your “Target Market” to make it easier for him or her to find you on Facebook.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    Once you hit save you’ll be taken to your new Facebook page like the example shown below.

    Create Facebook Business Page

    You should now spend some time customizing your Facebook Business Page by adding your store hours and website link, writing your first post like, “We are now on Facebook! Like our page to keep up with all the cool things we are doing!” and inviting your friends and family to “Like” your page.

    You’ll also want to add a cover photo to your page by clicking on the camera in the top left hand corner. This is another opportunity for you to continue promoting your brand/identity. Consider matching this cover photo to the header area of your website or highly recognizable image/icon for your business. The dimensions for the perfect cover photo are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Using something smaller or bigger then this may cause distortion since Facebook will shrink or stretch your photo to fit these dimensions.

    That’s it! You should have your new Facebook Business Page up and running. Please feel free to share a link to your new page in the comment section below. Or, use the comment section to share your tips or ask questions!

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