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  • How would Google rate your website?

    Internet Search - Page Rankings - WCMSWe just read two articles about the fact that Google recently published a 160-page document outlining their search quality rating guidelines. These guidelines were previously only available internally to Google’s search quality raters. This is great information for every website owner to have so we thought we’d share it!

    The first article, Official: Google’s definition of a high quality website, breaks down the 7 points below that define a high quality website. Please read the article for more information about each point.

    1. Good Content
    2. No Technical Errors
    3. A Positive Reputation
    4. High level of expertise/authoritativeness/trustworthiness 
    5. Functional Design
    6. Satisfying Amount of Information
    7. Supplementary Content

    High quality websites will get a better ranking on Google so it’s important to keep these points in mind while designing or re-designing your website.

    The second article, Official: Google’s definition of a low quality website, outlines 5 points for Google’s definition of a low-quality website. As you can image, they are:

    • Low Quality Main Content
    • Lack of expertise/authoritativeness/trustworthiness
    • A Negative Reputation
    • Unhelpful or distracting Supplementary Content
    • A Positive Reputation
    • Lack of Care and Maintenance

    Both articles are definitely worth the read. Keeping the high quality website points in mind when working on your website should help to increase your rankings.

    Do you have any comments? Please share them below!

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  1. Rick says:

    I’d venutre that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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