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  • Basic Small Business Website – Does Your Business need one?

    These days it’s essential that every business, big or small, has an online presence or website. Your current and potential customers expect it. In fact, more and more people begin their search online for products and/or services before a making a decision to purchase. And since more of those searches are taking place on mobile devices, it’s extremely important to have a responsive website, i.e., a site that re-flows its content depending on the device used.

    Not only will a website promote your brand, it can provide you with additional customers and business by extending your reach worldwide.

    A lot of small businesses we talk to have limited budgets and don’t feel they can justify spending tons of money for a website. Often times, they may not see the upside of having a website or the potential business that could be gained. Developing a website for your business should be considered an investment in your business. Results can be measured and analyzed to determine the return on that investment (ROI). Even when small business owners do see the potential, they may not have the time or staff to dedicate to developing a website.

    Embroidery by Mary phase 1 - Wise Choice Marketing Solutions

    Sample of Phase 1 website for Embroidery by Mary

    To help tackle the issues of limited budgets, staff and time, Wise Choice Marketing Solutions has provided quotes to customers for websites to be built in stages or phases; starting off with something simple but working towards a full-blown e-commerce or services website. Let’s take a look at a recent “phase one” website we developed for a small local business: Embroidery by Mary.

    Embroidery By Mary needed an online presence and a logo for many different reasons: extending the brand and expanding a potential customer base, delivering an online portfolio of embroidery projects and a clothing line as well as needing a landing page for online business directories and local search sites.

    The home page includes an “About Us” section, tagline, links to social media, portfolio/image slider, outline of services offered and contact information. We included a second web page (EBM News – blog) so fresh, relevant content could be created to help with SEO rankings and return visits.

    Phase 2 will add three more web pages; a separate “About Us” page, expanded “Services” page showing more clothing samples and standard/custom designs and a “Contact Us” page.

    Phase 3 will offer the ability for consumers to purchase apparel and spirit wear as well as stock embroidery like business logos, school logos/mascots, wedding, baby and special event designs or even the capability of uploading a custom design. In other words, Embroidery by Mary will become an online shop providing retail sales to consumers.

    Creating a small business website in three stages as described above allows Embroidery by Mary to plan and budget her development costs, expand her website as her business grows and ultimately offers customers the convenience of ordering online.

    What do you think of this approach? I’d love to hear from you so please share your thoughts below!

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